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If you think that you can persuade your website visitors to buy strictly through Rich Media and elaborate online pyrotechnics, think again.
While these visitors may like to scan, skip and scroll, they do go back and read. They read for benefits and they read for value. Ultimately they’re potential buyers who need to be respected, reassured and then convinced.

An effective speech has to be drafted with the speech maker, the audience and the event in mind.It needs to be tailored according to the time allotted for it.  Obviously a seven-minute speech on safe and profitable investing is quite different from a twenty-minute speech on the same subject.

White Papers:
A well written white paper is a prestigious, low pressure, yet persuasive tool for encouraging your prospect to buy. If properly crafted, it should present your product or service as a solution to your prospect’s problem. A white paper will inform before it sells and is therefore typically longer than an ad or brochure; so sustaining reader interest can be tricky.
What kinds of copy does your organization need?  Lou will write the following kinds of copy to help sell your company's products or services:
An effective brochure separates the vendor from the competition for products or services her company offers by answering the implied question “why this company?” .At the same time, it strategically provides information for prospects who insist on reading every word, as well as for busy prospects who prefer to scan the brochure. A good brochure sells while it tells.

Ad Copy
Magazine, newspaper, billboard ads and TV commercials have only seconds in which to do their magic and sell the consumer. Every word counts.  Inadequate research and planning, or anemic copywriting can fail to carry your important message to your intended audience.  Lou will help you identify your target audience and address it directly with selling copy.

Direct Mail
Like a good sales presentation, a direct mail letter is fashioned according to a subtle logic and structure. So that your prospect doesn’t toss it too early, your letter needs to appeal to her deepest fears and desires.